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In her Leadership in Action workshops, June shares unexpected insights to help people truly perform at their best and enable others to do so as well. They leave empowered and inspired, having practiced and utilised proven strategies to engage in the workplace.

Utilising experience gained over 30 years at the pointy end of business - from building a 5* hotel and establishing it through the financial turmoil and uncertainty of the last recession to directorship of 12 companies, including Tyrone Crystal, June guides individuals through a process to awaken hidden skills and perform at the highest level.

Through a series of interactive activities with the horses and game changing strategies gained competing in sport at the top level, June provides the black and white evidence of an individual's current leadership skills and leads them to discover just how good they could really be.

June has lived and breathed this through her career and this really comes through in her deliveryKaren Rodgers, Energia

Blending Business with Sports Psychology and Horse Sense

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With the help of her horses and a good deal of the sporting mindset it took to enable her to compete internationally as an amateur against professionals, June takes clients on a profound experience of personal insights, skills development, and massive confidence building.

Easily the best training I have had, and I have had a lot of training.Peter Cooke

See Clearly, Live Powerfully

Along the way she enables people to understand more about themselves and how others see them, how they can be more effective and how to transfer that back to the workplace.

Systems and Strategies That Work

June’s system of working with horses to illuminate behaviours brings out natural leadership skills that others cannot. Through a series of clever leading exercises with the horses, it will be clear where you are in terms of influence and how you can step up to be a natural leader focussed on developing and inspiring others. It all becomes so clear through the responses from the horses and June’s insightful coaching.



There’s hidden leadership in everyone and its our job to uncover it and prove it to you

Confidence In Your Ability To Cope With Uncertainty

Be Less Reactive and More Responsive

Establish Work And Life Balance

Be Clear About How Your Impact Others

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What helped significantly was the credibility of June as a business leader with relevant and interesting experiences, as well as the option to work with a selection of horses, all with different personalities, this combined with the option of using horses to facilitate team and individual learning, accelerates team connectivity, trust and understanding, and has resulted in an increased desire to learn and do more as a team.

Kate Simpson

Kate Simpson

Head of People and Development, Perrigo

June is very knowledgeable but allows participants to learn through their own experiences rather than by instruction. It was fantastic to see how team work is used in a very practical exercise, not just some contrived task.



Victoria Moore

Victoria Moore

Programmes Manager, Women in Business

It was so different to anything that I have done previously and I gained so much from it.  I enjoyed listening to your guidance and training.  You are a wonderful facilitator and you have a great team there.



James Willis

Usually, we only find out how good a leader we really are when the chips are down and it’s ‘make or break’. We only find out that we are doing things wrong when staff leave, morale is rock bottom and figures drop.

Wouldn’t it be great if rather than leaving it to chance or suffering the consequences of poor leadership, we could practice and enhance our leadership skills to the point that we navigate uncertainty comfortably and motivate others to perform at their best, naturally?

That's exactly what we do.

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