About June

I am currently Director of four successful companies and have bought, sold, built, established and developed many more over my 27 years in business.

First and foremost an entrepreneur, I have also held responsible corporate positions and, more recently, became a certified coach (ICF) after being asked to mentor members of the Ulster Rugby team by the Institute of Directors in 2009.

I am probably best known for my recent success, the development in 2008 of a city centre car park into the 132 bedroom Fitzwilliam Hotel Belfast. The hotel is on the Conde Naste Hot List and has won numerous awards. This is largely due to my emphasis on teamwork, leadership and customer service that supported the establishment of the business through the recession.

Horses have always been a huge part of my life and I have ridden competitively at International level for over 20 years. I have over 40 years experience of working with and learning from horses and I owned and trained the horse who won a bronze medal at Rio Olympics in his early years.

I focus on developing authenticity and communication strengths in all individuals and see this as the way forward in business.

My practical approach to business, coaching qualification and my affinity for horses have driven me to develop the most insightful, experiential personal and leadership development programmes available.

Your traits will be conveyed through the horse – in black and white.

About Our Horses


They are now taking life easier but enjoy the workshops almost as much as their competitive days.

However, they were all top athletes in their day and between them, competed for Ireland on over 60 occasions.
They are all bred to perform and are highly tuned and sensitive with strong personalities.

Although their size can be intimidating, they demonstrate the calm, measured, gentle and enigmatic power that the best leaders have and if you are prepared to engage in the process with them, they will show you exactly where your skills are and where you fall short”

Our Workshops

Learn the skills you'll need to lead a successful business.
I pour my heart into each workshop, listening to your needs, studying your organization, selecting specific material and creating exercises that will resonate with you and your team, crafting unique bits, weaving in your organizational themes, and putting together a completely customized, unforgettable experience that will transform your and your team’s performance back in the workplace.

WHAT MAKES JUNE DIFFERENT (apart from the horses!)

A coach who is actually in the game...
Unlike most consultants, June has established large businesses, reinvigorated others and is currently director of a property investment company and Trustee of a Pension Fund.
She has had her neck on the line several times throughout her career and has learnt how to navigate and cope with massive uncertainty and crisis.

A coach who works at elite level...
From C-Suite executives to Directors to NY Times Bestselling authors, June excels at working with top talent. She understands your pressures and concerns and steps your leadership up to the next level, at all times maintaining the strictest confidentiality.

A coach who is an international sportsperson...
You aren’t just getting her business know how, you are also getting all the sports psychology that comes from competing at top level equestrianism for two decades as an amateur against professionals. If anyone has worked out how to keep her mind focussed and on-side under pressure, it’s June.

A coach with 30 years of business experience…

Who better to develop your leadership capabilities than someone who has:

Built and successfully established 5* hotel
Navigated several companies through the last recession
Established a Chartered Landscape Architecture practice
Owned and re-branded Tyrone Crystal and established it in Harrods and Aspreys
Created an International sporting event that was televised on for four years on SkySports and Eurosport with 6000 visitors

– always innovating in each industry and continuing to do so.

The key to success is not how quickly you make decisions but how quickly you can adapt to the ever-changing environment and how aware you are of the opportunities and the people you lead.
This is how she guided Fitzwilliam Hotel Belfast through the last recession, against all odds.