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Happy Monday!

Never has this title been more true considering recent political events in US and UK!

However, today’s thought is inspired by my Mum and it came about as we were reminiscing about my childhood holidays.

The great thing about life is that we never know what’s around the corner and we can waste time making ourselves miserable while anticipating adverse situations that don’t happen. Alternatively, we can also take people and outcomes for granted and sometimes, the unexpected can even shake our life up in a good way!

Thank you for all the lovely comments about the last Happy Monday and the reminders that I’ve slipped behind again! I’m giving you a quick update on why I’ve missed a couple, how Inner Horsepower is developing and some of the ideas that I’m adding in the future.

In short, there’ll be the same Happy Mondays but extra offerings and ideas that you may really like such as a dedicated Facebook page and Livestreams (eventually!).

The important thing is that you let me know what you think!