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Happy Monday!

Do you feel that you are unable to do the things you want to in life because of what somebody has told you about yourself?

Maybe you’ve been given advice by a well-meaning (or not so well-meaning) individual that has stopped you following your own intuition?

Perhaps you are being made to feel unappreciated?

You would be surprised just how many of us make decisions in life based on what we told we “should” do when we were children and what we “should” want and be as adults.

If you can see yourself in the above, it’s time to tread your own path. The path that feels right for you.
Let go of the rubbish that you have been told that is holding you back.

How much longer will you play small and hold others responsible?

I know that it isn’t easy to let go of the limitations we have saddled ourselves with in our past and even our present but unless you do, you can’t move forward.

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Big hugs