Harness Uncertainty   Take action    Achieve Remarkable Results

If you had direction, just how good a leader could you really be?

We are never going to be short of data strategies, theory, or information in business.

What we ARE short of our leaders who move us.

Leaders who inspire our passion and bring out the best in us. Leaders who are aware of their emotions and can manage them, aware of their strengths and can develop them and leaders who can manage the emotions of others.

Of course, you need to be analytical, evaluate, think clearly but these skills merely get an individual in through the door of leadership.
Intellect alone does not make a leader.
Good leadership is a blend of intellect with emotions.
Self-awareness, self-management and social awareness are crucial skills and are closely intertwined.

They are the foundation of leadership that moves us.

But how do you ever get the opportunity to practice these skills?

Through a series of interactive activities with the horses and game changing strategies gained through 25 years at the pointy end of business as well as competing in sport at the top level, June provides you with the black and white evidence of how good you are currently as a leader and lets you discover for yourself how good you could really be.

On a workshop, June shares  her horses, her insights and her experience to develop your ability to read situations and other people, connect with everyone on a team and enable each individual to add their creativity and diversity.

You will leave with the confidence, the tools and the practice you need to distinguish you as a leader that others will CHOOSE to follow.

Leadership in Action has met with praise from people across multiple industries. Whether tech, healthcare, hospitality, internet marketing, energy, advertising, television…. You name it.

  • One and a half day or single day workshops
  • Groups of up to 8 people
  • No previous horse experience nor riding involved
  • People who are nervous of horses often get the best results


What size of group does June Work with?

June works with groups of up to 8 people. 

Where do the workshops take place?

At June’s home farm at Ballygraffan, near Comber in an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Only 20mins from Belfast but a world apart in terms of de-stressing.

Does she customise her workshops?

Absolutely. Every workshop is unique and she will fully discuss your requirements before creating a bespoke itinerary.

Will June present the full course?

Your team will have June’s undivided attention from the moment they arrive until they leave and the content will be full of business and sporting anecdotes and stories.

Does June do follow-up coaching?

June is often requested to provide ongoing coaching to ensure that takeaways are implemented once participants face the challenges of applying new skills in the workplace. 

Does June do Keynote speaking?

June has created several quirky, inspirational keynotes based on her sporting and business achievements. They focus on keeping your mind on side and vision firmly locked in place, regardless of obstacles, setbacks, mistakes and adversity. She also speaks on social awareness, relationship management and the importance of leading with empathy.